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The essence of floating cubes in different shades helps provide balance within the facade as well as providing functionality for interiors spaces and balconies.

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Second Story to the Sun

Located at Venice Beach, an uncovered roof deck is a necessity for both day and night. The addition of the 2nd story, balcony, and roof deck...

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Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse style in the exterior face and interior designs. We used black lines and white siding on the exterior and modern-rustic furniture for interior...

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Floating Units

By using the SB9 law and ADU ordinance, the most possible space has been provided for the units. The diverse and at the same time coordinated...

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Luxury Of Minimalism

Adding a single-family home and ADU located on an 81,000 square foot hillside lot at the Tarzana hills with stunning views of the city below. A...

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French Chateau

The various roof designs, vertical windows, and the combination of different shapes play a crucial role in the modern chateau. This home features a circular staircase...

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Light Bender

Although ADUs may be small, they can have the best natural light without compromising the privacy of the existing main residence. By creating a gap between...

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One to Four

We design 4 single-family houses with separate garages, backyards, and entrances. We inspired forms of Los Angeles Valley Hills for the combinations of roofs of all...

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Private Outdoor

We create a private entertainment area for the house on the hills of La Cañada. The central courtyard with a swimming pool, pool house game rooms...

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More Rooms

We matched materials, finishes, styles, and other design elements to the existing house while achieving the desired aesthetics. We identify suitable locations for the new bedrooms...

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Enhance the Small Unit

This 800 sf Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit on the parking lot of an apartment building involves careful consideration of various aspects such as layout, functionality, location,...

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Extend Backyard

By adding a rear yard pool and attached porch with new landscaping, we created a cohesive and functional design that makes the backyard area feel much...

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Cozy Home

Designing a 1,200 square foot (sf) 3-bedroom Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) that is completely separate from the existing SFD. The ADU has a post-modern and compact...

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Le Macaron

Designing a Le Macaron French Pastries shop at Westfield Century City involves creating an inviting and elegant space that reflects elements like the ambiance, color palette,...

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We approached the design and layout of the Chiropractic office to create the welcoming environment desired. We designed these offices in a minimal style that involves...

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Interior to the Hills

We add a large deck and balcony to use the view of Hollywood hills. Also, the interior remodel concept is to have more open space and...

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