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What is a Small Lot Subdivision?


The Small Lot Ordinance, established in 2005, introduced a unique housing typology known as small lot subdivisions. This innovative concept combines the characteristics of row townhomes with the individual ownership of small, independent lots. It offers the benefits of single-family homeownership and the convenience of townhouse living.

To put it simply, a small lot subdivision allows for the construction of attached townhouses or single-family homes on lots that are smaller than standard single-family lots. These developments can be built on infill lots, provided they meet certain width requirements for parking and access. Additionally, some small lot homes may even incorporate commercial spaces on the ground floor, known as “Mixed-Use Small Lot Homes.”


Small Lot Benefits:

  1. Affordable Homeownership Opportunities: Urbane Design is committed to designing and planning small lot developments that make homeownership more accessible to individuals and families of varying means. Our approach emphasizes cost efficiency without compromising on quality, ensuring that aspiring homeowners can find their dream home without breaking the bank.
  2. Amplified Housing Production: Thriving communities require increased housing supply, and Urbane Design excels at meeting this demand through small lot developments. With our expertise, we optimize land usage and design thoughtful neighborhoods, enhancing housing production and accommodating the growing population.
  3. Small-lot developments are easier to finance than condominium projects.
  4. Freedom from Monthly Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Fees: Our small lot developments alleviate the burden of monthly HOA fees, granting residents more financial freedom and predictability in their homeownership journey.



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