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Planning & Feasibility Study


Designing Dreams, Assessing Realities: Your Vision, Our Feasibility


Site Analysis and Contextual Study

Architects meticulously analyze the project site, incorporating location, topography, climate, infrastructure, and regulations to guide environmentally harmonious design and preempt challenges.


Technical Feasibility Evaluation

The technical feasibility assessment ensures project viability by scrutinizing engineering aspects, addressing challenges like structural integrity, systems, utilities, and methods, to guarantee compatibility with available technology and resources.


Financial Feasibility Assessment

A financial assessment gauges project viability by estimating construction, material, labor, and permit costs, allowing architects to ascertain budget compatibility, often supplemented by cost-benefit analysis.

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis and Mitigation Strategies

Risk assessment identifies potential project-affecting risks, spanning financial, environmental, regulatory, and construction issues, prompting architects and stakeholders to devise mitigation strategies and contingency plans for unforeseen challenges.

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In construction, a feasibility study is an initial assessment conducted during the early stages of a project. Its purpose is to determine the viability and practicality of the proposed construction endeavor, explore different feasible options, and aid in developing business cases and project plans. Feasibility studies are particularly useful for larger or more complex projects or when there are uncertainties or controversies surrounding the proposed development.


These studies examine market potential, competition, costs, benefits, risks, and rewards associated with starting the business. For instance, if a hospital intends to expand its building, a feasibility study may be carried out to help the hospital decide whether proceeding with the project is the best course of action.

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What we focus on:

Feasibility studies play a crucial role in assisting general contractors and clients in assessing the viability of a project. Regardless of the outcome, these studies offer concrete data that justifies their conclusions. Moreover, a feasibility study presents various options to maintain project feasibility, influencing the creation of important documents such as the execution plan and strategic brief. On larger projects, it is quite common to conduct multiple project feasibility assessments that focus on various aspects of the job. These assessments may include: 
  • Environmental risks
  • The need for regulatory approval (and the likelihood of getting it within the stated timeline)
  • Whether the client’s budget is sufficient
  • Potential maintenance issues related to the design
  • Procurement

Due to the extensive scope of a construction project feasibility assessment, it is common for numerous stakeholders and even third parties, including regulators, to be actively involved. So, at Urbane Design, when performing a feasibility study for a construction project, it’s crucial to have a good understanding of the different aspects of the industry.

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